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March 03, 2017

Pasir Gudang Logistics Center Opens in Eastern Johor Bahru, Malaysia

TOKYO-MOL Logistics (Japan) Co., Ltd. (President: Tetsuya Minato) today announced that its subsidiary in Malaysia, MOL Logistics (Malaysia) Sdn., has opened a bonded warehouse in Pasir Gudang, eastern Johor Bahru in September 2016.

The warehouse is on the outskirts of the Port of Johor, with 4,000 m2 of space in the cutting-edge raised-floor warehouse, which has a total floor space of 9,720m2. The warehouse has a staff of 17, providing a broad range of logistics services, from in and out storage with bar-code tracking to packaging, agency operations to provide documentation for free trade agreements and certificates of origin, and inputting into customers' systems, based on a newly introduced warehouse management system (WMS). It can also offer non-resident inventory service, and has the advantage of ideal location between Singapore and the strait.

This is the third warehouse MOL Logistics has opened in Southeast Asia for the past two years, following facilities in Manila and Jakarta.

MOL Logistics remains committed to further enhancement of its services with higher quality and greater detail, backed by its unique knowledge and expertise in contracted logistics, accumulated all over the world, to propose and provide optimal logistics solutions for every customer.

MOL Logistics (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd., Pasir Gudang Logistics Center


Name MOL Logistics (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd., Pasir Gudang Logistics Center
Total floor area 9,720 m2
Start of operation September 1, 2016