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CSR Activities


It is one of our corporate principles to "contribute to the development of the global economy, accomplish the responsibilities to society and shareholders and aim to be a company whose employees can feel a sense of fulfillment in working by performing high-value-added, speedy logistics operations."

We clarified our management policy to observe laws and rules by establishing the MOL Logistics Code of Conduct in July 2002. To maintain high corporate and social ethics in addition to just observing the laws and rules, we created the Compliance Committee and established the Fundamental Policy Concerning Compliance, the Action Standard and the System to Promote Compliance and Methods to Deal with Unlawful Behavior. Through these efforts, we continue to strengthen moral standard of each officer and employee and enhance our corporate culture to respect compliance.

Protection of Personal Information

Recognizing the importance of protecting personal information in today's advanced information-telecommunication (IT) based society, and in response to the Law Concerning Protection of Personal Information which came into force in April 2005, we established our internal system, organization and rules to protect personal information. We also established and enacted the Fundamental Policy Concerning Protection of Personal Information, Personal Information Protection Rules, Compliance Program for Protection of Personal Information, and the Internal System for Protection of Personal Information. These actions, which are in accordance with the JIS Q15001 standard, have been in operation since April 1, 2005.

Policy on Protecting Personal Information of MOL Logistics (Japan)


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