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Message from the President

Message from the President

My name is Shuhei Togo, and I was appointed president of MOL Logistics on June 28, 2018. I would like to take this opportunity to share a few words.

As the core logistics company of the MOL Group, we offer air, sea, and land cargo transportation services, as well as compound logistics services that combine these individual services. We have also been praised by our customers for our overseas moving services. Under the "MOL Logistics" brand, whose mission is to contribute to worldwide economic growth by developing comprehensive, high value-added total logistics services that can meet any customer's requirements, we are engaged in improving and expanding our globe-spanning network, and striving to expand our business operations. Our overseas network consists of 97 directly operated sites in 25 countries and 176 agencies in 46 countries. This year, we further expanded our network by establishing a subsidiary in Sri Lanka and signing agency agreements with companies in Oman and Pakistan.

From April 2016, we embarked upon our new mid-term business plan "ENLARGE 2018," which takes "aggressive expansion of business scale in pursuit of 100 billion yen sales by fiscal 2021" as its main theme. With the long-term vision of "aiming to grow into a global logistics company that provides high quality and distinctive service at competitive costs, beating the competition in markets around the world," we are providing supply chain support as a true logistics partner to our customers.

MOL has positioned logistics as a critical core business. Under the banner of "One MOL," we will further enhance our collaborations with MOL and its Group companies to meet the demands of customers and strive for sustainable growth.

With healthy and transparent management in compliance with laws and regulations, we will create workplace environments where diversity is respected. In these workplaces, our employees around the globe will feel joy and meaning in their work and will make the most of their abilities and individuality. Through logistics, we will contribute to the development of the global economy and create new value, making our company a loved and respected member of the greater community.

I look forward to your continued support for MOL Logistics.


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