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Gateway Services

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Gateway Services

United States and Mexico Cross-border Trucking Service

MOL Logistics, as an expert of logistics solution worldwide, offers our customers a rapid and reliable cross-border long-haul trucking service between United States and Mexico.
With our over 20 year-long experience on this shipping route, our Laredo office in Texas handles boarding cross-transport procedures, backhaul, and international movement of cargo between North America and Mexico ensuring competitive rates and high-frequency truck service.

Area: from/to North America and Mexico

ASEAN Cross-border Integrated Trucking Service

In order to support our customers with centralized solutions, MOL Logistics has introduced a door-to-door cross-border integrated trucking service in the ASEAN regions centered on Thailand.
This service allows customers to transport their semi-processed goods from main plants in Thailand/Vietnam to branch plants located in the surrounding ASEAN countries.

Area: among the Southeast Asia and ASEAN countries

MOL Logistics Amsterdam and Frankfurt European Gateway Service

With a node networking system across Europe, MOL Logistics offers connecting solutions among European airports with high-speed trucking delivery and pick-up service. Time-sensitive and cost-effective solutions are guaranteed for our customers' inbound and outbound cargo shipments.

Area: from Amsterdam and Frankfurt airport to all Europe countries and vice versa

MOL Logistics Hamburg: a Gateway for Russia, Eastern Europe and Scandinavian Countries

MOL Logistics Hamburg offers frequent scheduled feeder vessel transit from Hamburg hub-port to Russia, Eastern Europe regions and Scandinavian Countries providing high-efficient inland shipping connection service by railway and by truck. MOL Logistics Hamburg warehouse offers also a full range of warehousing and distribution services.

Area: from Hamburg Port to Russia, Easter Europe and Scandinavian Countries

Trucking Service in Europe

MOL Logistics has become one of the number one players in trucking transportation service throughout Europe. Thanks to our modern fleet of trucks, coordinated by our MOL Logistics Pilsen (Czech Republic) in synergy with the other MOL Logistics European branches, we support our customers' supply chain in a fast, less costly and efficient way connecting any destination within Europe.

Area: from Czech Republic to all over Europe

China Railway Express/Green Logistics

MOL Logistics China and MOL Logistics Hong Kong provide a new Green Logistics solution linking Southern and Eastern China with Hong Kong thorough a high-speed rail transportation service.
On this service MOL Logistics guarantees reduction of lead-time and costs (maintaining high-delivery standards by scheduled express freight train), reduction of the CO2 emissions, security and safety for your cargo shipments.

Area: from Southern and Eastern China to Hong Kong and vice versa

Searail Eco/Green Logistics

By using Searail Eco service, our customers can experience a new Third-way Service route. In 6 days, cargo is shipped from Southern China or from Hong Kong to Japan and vice versa by using a high-speed boat and high-speed railway combination service. This campaign aims at taking freight off the roads and transferring it to other modes of transportation for the benefit of the environment.

Area: from Hong Kong-Southern China to Japan and vice versa

Modal Shift Action/Green Logistics

In line with our Green Logistics principle, MOL Logistics supports the Modal Shift Action. This service promotes the transportation of freight by scheduled ferry transit from Japan to South Korea and China and vice versa. As our main goal is to reduce environmental impact in Asia, we offer a new solution in full protection of the environment and fulfillment of our customers' satisfaction standards.

Area: from Japan to South Korea and China and vice versa


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