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Apparel Transportation from New Emerging Countries

From an early time, our company began to keep a close eye on new emerging countries in rapid development, including Cambodia, Burma and Bangladesh. To meet diversifying demands for logistics, we have been consistently improving and expanding our logistics network focused on those countries. Due to the fact that a large number of apparel enterprises, beginning with Japanese businesses, have poured into new emerging countries to open and operate sewing and manufacturing factories, we have started supporting their transportation in Asia, and logistics to Europe and America by giving a full play of the advantages of our global network.

By adopting Door-to-Door combined transportation, triangle trade transportation and dress hanger container operations based on extensive experience and advanced technologies of our group, we optimize logistics according to our customer's needs.

Especially for apparel transportation, we install a number of hanging brackets in dry container, and then hang the apparel in the container, which can prevent the apparel from being wrinkled, and cut down on the packing/unpacking material costs, which is of great value in shortening delivery time.

Apparel Transportation with Dress Hanger Container
- Apparel wrinkle prevention, cuts down on packing/unpacking material costs, great value in shortening delivery time -

With a number of hanging brackets installed in the dry container, we can transport the apparel while it hangs on the brackets.

Loading & Unloading Operations in Bangladesh

Exterior of the warehouse of a Bangladeshi agency

Loading & unloading operations in the warehouse

Interior of the warehouse

Additionally, by enhancing our land transportation services in cooperating with Vietnam, Thailand and India, we can propose the best transportation methods for customer's requirements and product characteristics.


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