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Project Cargo Transportation

Project Cargo Transportation, involving the transportation of heavy and outsized components/equipment, requires strict time management and various related work coordination. MOL Logistics has accumulated extensive experience in dealing with project cargo transportation, and we fully meet Japanese enterprises requirements aiming at transferring equipment overseas or carrying out plant and infrastructure construction in emerging countries.

Cases Performed

Aug. 2013 Transportation of equipment from company A's factory to Thailand; about 520m3 (conventional vessel)
Jun.-Aug. 2014 Transportation of equipment from company B's new factory to Mexico; about 2300m3 (160TEU)
Jun.-Aug. 2014 Transportation of equipment from company C's factory to India; about 170m3 (conventional vessel)
Nov.- 2014 Transportation of equipment from company D's factory to Indonesia; about 1100m3 (conventional vessel +60TEU)

In the Case of Using Other Companies' Services

Entrust to company A »
Disassembly, moving out/Equipment pick-up/Domestic transportation/Packing for export
Entrust to company B »
Document issuance/Customs clearance for export/Shipping documents/Sea transport
Entrust to Party C »
Customs clearance for import/Inland transport/Unpacking, moving into the factory, installation

In the Case of Using MOL Logistics

MLG's one-stop services   »   
Disassembly/Moving out/Equipment pick-up/Domestic transportation/Packing for export/Making documents/Customs clearance for export/Shipping documents/Sea transport/Customs clearance for import/Inland transport/Unpacking/Moving into the factory/Installation

MOL Logistics is committed to privide a reliable and safe door-to-door combined service!

Observing Schedule

Being aware that the critical point in project cargo transportation is to meet the start-up time of the factory at the destination, MOL Logistics can flexibly handle and negotiate the management of such projects without any delay. As we make full use of our worldwide network, we provide the best service ensuring the smooth progress of the project.

One-stop Services

All you have to do is contact MOL Logistics and we will provide one-stop service. By making optimum use of our Group's comprehensive strength, we offer a full range of services such as disassembly, moving out, packing, customs clearance, local transportation and installation.

Emergency Transportation Services

Even for emergency air transportation, MOL Logistics has the ability to flexibly negotiate for air space and respond to the matter with sincerity and caution.


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