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Sensitive Transport for Medicals & Chemicals

Transport of Medical Products

We conduct in-house studies on packaging material/selection

Transportation of medical products requires strict temperature control. To provide transportation in the optimum temperature zone to meet the specific needs of the cargo, we conduct studies on packaging materials and cool storage to select the most suitable solution. We have met a variety of customers' requirements such as "This must not freeze" or "Dew condensation must not form".

For transport of small amounts of expensive reagents, MOL Logistics with its proven record is the best partner for you.

Trustable service regardless of the amount of cargo is the biggest strength of MOL Logistics. For example, the selection of suitable containers, packaging materials and cool storage media for small-lot cargo, and the arrangement for cold storage of the entire load of air cargo container for large-lot cargo (e.g. use of RKN(*) and other refrigerating storage containers).

(*) RKN: One of the various types of cold storage container for international air cargo. When the built-in temperature sensor detects the temperature in the container rising above the preset level, a cooling system using dry ice circulates cold air in the container.

Transport of Chemicals

Chemical transport specialist stationed in every sales department

There are numerous laws and regulations that apply to transport of chemicals. Therefore, the key in chemicals transport is to understand the characteristics of each item and to arrange transportation and to meet the applicable regulations. MOL Logistics has specialists experienced in transport of various chemicals stationed at each sales department. They offer useful and prompt advice, and ensure speedy and proper arrangement for your cargo.

Information on applicable regulations and suitable packaging methods

Send us Material Safety Data Sheet and we will immediately send back detailed information on whether the cargo falls under the dangerous goods category, and information about packaging requirement for loading into aircraft or ship, maximum weight, and so on. From non-dangerous cargo in paper bags to samples in small quantities, we arrange transportation in compliance with laws and individual carriers' regulations. Let us know your requirements such as cost, lead-time, temperature control, MOL Logistics is ready to meet them. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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