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MOL Logistics Co., Ltd.

Representative Director&Chairman, Executive Officer
Osamu Sakurada

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Representative Director&President, Chief Executive Officer
Osamu Sakurada

I am Osamu Sakurada, Representative Director&President and Chief Executive Officer.

Every day, we are committed to realizing our mission, "To Sustain the Lives of People around the World and Ensure a Prosperous Future by Developing Comprehensive, High Value-added Total Logistics Services."

However, during the COVID-19 pandemic, the entire logistics system was disrupted. We experienced a severe space shortage, and at times faced difficulties in fully meeting our customers' needs. What's more, it is clear that the system requires global-scale investment to meet customers' demands for enhanced digitization. We recognize anew the need to further strengthen our group-wide management base and expand business operations to enhance our procurement capabilities and give us the financial strength to fund the investments required.

The logistics business is positioned as a growth area in the MOL Group management plan "BLUE ACTION 2035," and as Representative Director&President and Chief Executive Officer, I will focus on pioneering new customer segments to expand our business rather than rely on the growth of current segments, while developing global strategies to achieve this.

I also serve as MOL Managing Executive Officer and Director General for the Product Transport Business Headquarters, so I will leverage MOL's assets and pursue initiatives to foster synergies within the MOL Group.

More specifically,

  • In addition to current customers, I will expand our business by increasing the volume of cargo handled overseas, and strengthen our procurement capabilities through economies of scale. With these initiatives, I will expand our service menu and increase cost competitiveness.
  • I will strengthen our organizational structure for business operations, human capital, and governance of our overseas networks, which is one of our advantages, to enable the steps outlined above.
  • I will also enhance communication among offices and group companies and establish KPIs and other evaluation criteria to achieve global overall optimization. I strive to establish an organizational structure that enables the group to offer more attentive and extensive services in concert with the group.
  • Our company has been operating under a business model that requires minimal assets, but I will shift direction in line with our portfolio strategy in "BLUE ACTION 2035" and take the initiative in investment, drawing upon MOL's support as well. In particular, I will proactively carry out mergers and acquisitions to expand our scale and strengthen our services.
  • In the field of transport services, the MOL Group will concentrate its resources on product segments where I can pursue synergies while developing a structure capable of providing distinctive services.

I will continue to implement the above with a sense of urgency, and grow MLG as a company that continues to be our customers' first choice and contributes to society.

I look forward to your continued support.

MOL Logistics Co., Ltd.

Representative Director&Chairman, Executive Officer
Koichi Yashima

Koichi Yashima
Representative Director&Chairman, Executive Officer

I am Koichi Yashima, Representative Director & Chairman and Executive Officer.

As the core logistics company of the MOL Group, which has been in business for over 60 years, we offer comprehensive logistics services and overseas moving services under the unified brand of MOL Logistics. Our worldwide network includes 140 subsidiaries and offices in 26 countries and a network of 189 agents in 51 countries (as of April 2024), and our strength lies in the breadth of the network and the variety of services available to meet our customers' logistics needs.

Effective April 1, 2024, Osamu Sakurada (concurrently MOL Managing Executive Officer and Director General for the Headquarters of Product Transport Business) was appointed as Representative Director&President and Chief Executive Officer, bringing the total number of Representative Directors to two.

As Representative Director & Chairman and Executive Officer, I will focus on continuing our initiatives to date and strengthening our existing business base. Namely,

  • I will focus on deepening and strengthening our relationships with customers, expanding and improving the quality of our services to meet their needs.
  • I will expand and deepen collaboration with our service providers and partners who support us to offer high-quality, unique services at competitive costs.
  • As a member of the MOL Group, which focuses on low-carbon and decarbonization fields, I will also offer our services with a strong awareness of the need to reduce our environmental impact.
  • I will not only conduct sound and highly transparent management, but also understand and respect the culture of each country, and offer more creative and higher value-added services by creating an environment in which all employees can fully demonstrate their abilities and gain satisfaction from their work.

Finally, all of us at MOL pledge our commitment to conducting our corporate activities under the MOL Group's shared values "MOL CHARTS" as we work on the Group's Vision of "Creating Together a Space for Happiness" ().

We look forward to your continued support and cooperation with MOL Logistics.

MOL Logistics Group's Vision "Creating Together a Space for Happiness" ()

The survey was conducted on 2,500 Group executives and employees, and "Happiness," "Collaboration," and "Innovation" were selected as keywords to create an image of "creating a space where everyone is working toward happiness."

  • Represents the physical space, such as air and sea, in which we offer stable services to our customers.
    Looks at customers' business as a whole and offers tailor-made services with One MLG (Together!), instead of building relationships with customers by focusing solely on the cargo in front of us.
    Contribute to the overall optimization of our customers and build long-term relationships by continuing this approach.
  • Represents relationships with our customers and others, and our state of mind.
  • Is a necessary feeling for each of us to offer satisfactory solutions and services to our customers and to consider the overall optimization of our group.

The choice of <a Space> instead of "Space" or "Spaces" reflects the idea of valuing "a space for oneself" and "each individual's own space."