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International air freight always requires speed, safety, and reliability.
MOL Logistics pays close attention to your lead time and transports your cargoes with the utmost care, swiftly securing cargo space with cutting-edge transport techniques.

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    We select and propose the optimal transport route in consideration of lead time and cost, from cargo collection and packaging to customs clearance, air transport, and delivery to the final destination.

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    Count on us! When it comes to temperature-sensitive and perishable cargoes—semiconductors, electronic devices, computer peripherals, agricultural and fishery products, pharmaceuticals research reagents, and many others—we can offer the optimal packaging and transportation solutions with top-quality services backed by extensive experience.

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    Today’s customers demand diverse, sophisticated logistics services. We are always ready with door-to-door intermodal services that make full use of our extensive global networks.

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    We also handle various arrangements for offshore transport and overseas departure/arrival ports.

Unit Load Device (ULD) Intact Delivery Service

ULD intact delivery service is an air intermodal transportation service in which the forwarder loads each cargo into an ULD at its own facility and delivers the ULD to the airline in the exporting nation.

In the arrival nation, we pick up cargo in ULD units, transport them to our own facility, and sort the cargo into individual packages. This speeds up transit time by reducing the number of pickup and unloading operations during transportation, and lessens the risk of cargo damage.

Target nations for ULD services:(Air export cargo from Japan): China, Hong Kong, Germany
We will continue to expand the number of target nations.

Make shipping problems a thing of the past!

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    This is the optimal transport service for customers who have problems with cargo damage (breakage, water leakage, etc.).

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    With our expert staff overseeing every step in the process, and measures to minimize the number of loading and unloading operations, we can dramatically reduce the risk of damaging your precious cargoes.

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    We can also minimize lead time for delivery and pickup of the product after arrival.

Flow of carry-out

  • 1Lay a plastic sheet over the pallet as shown above.

  • 2Stack cargo on top of it.

  • 3Stacking is complete.

  • 4Cover the plastic sheet with a net, and then secure the net and pallet to envelop the cargo.

  • 5Ready for the Bulk Unitization Program (BUP). The photo shows the removal of cargo from the warehouse for shipment.

Export|General export cargo flow

  • 01

    Collection of the goods

  • 02


  • 03

    Checking, measuring, and labelling

  • 04

    Export Customs Declaration

  • 05

    Export clearance

  • 06

    ULD loading

  • 07

    Delivery of cargo to the airline

  • 08

    Departure from the airport

Import|General import cargo flow

  • 01

    Arrival of the cargo at the airport

  • 02


  • 03

    Moving into bonded warehouse

  • 04

    Import declaration

  • 05

    Customs inspection ~ import clearance

  • 06

    Removing cargo from warehouse

  • 07

    Loading into transport truck

  • 08


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