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Know-how and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) backed by our solid track record ensure the safe and reliable transport of pharmaceutical products and medical devices, which demand precise temperature control and strict security measures. MOL Logistics personnel also have the expertise to provide prompt, thorough support to handle all import/export procedures required in the transport of chemical products.

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    We achieve reliable temperature-controlled transport tailored to the characteristics of various manufactured products/commodities by drawing upon our unique expertise in temperature control and packaging techniques.

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    Your cargo is more secure throughout the entire shipping and distribution process thanks to our tireless work preparing and managing our own Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that conform to Good Distribution Practices (GDPs).

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    Every one of our offices is staffed by experienced specialists delivering customer care with our comprehensive support system.


Transport of medical products and medical device requires strict quality/temperature control and thorough security measures (preventing theft and substitution of counterfeit medications). We allow no compromise when it comes to any step of the supply chain, the time of refrigerated containers and loading on airplanes. Compliance with GDP (enforced in Europe effective September 2013; guidelines for the Japanese version issued in December 2019) is indispensable. Chemical product cargoes require specialized import and export procedures to determine whether they contain substances harmful to humans, plants, animals, or the environment, and whether they should be categorized as hazardous goods.


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    Coordinating optimal transport customized for the characteristics of manufactured products/commodities

    MOL Logistics coordinates optimal transport methods unique to the characteristics of manufactured products/commodities, clinical trial pharmaceuticals and clinical trial devices, and specially designated pharmaceuticals/medical devices and chemical products, which require precise temperature control and anti-vibration measures.

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    Custom-made SOPs in conformity to GDPs

    MOL Logistics was quick to respond to GDPs, which have already been enacted in Europe, and presents GDP-compliant solutions. To meet a range of customer needs, we provide and manage SOPs customer by customer, and arrange transport based on SOPs.

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    Temperature control

    We present reliable solutions for temperature-controlled transport by using warehouses where the temperature can be thoroughly controlled even during vanning operations, and adopting special insulated packaging to ensure optimal temperature control. We can also, of course, install data loggers to record temperate changes in containers and in cargo boxes.

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    Security is key

    Using SOPs based on the latest GDPs, MOL Logistics shares information with all staff and business partners to manage all the details. We protect your precious cargo from theft and contamination by foreign substances, drawing upon our decades of know-how and advanced product handling system.

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    Acquisition of ISO13485 certification

    Our subsidiary in the Netherlands acquired ISO13485 (quality management system related to medical devices) in January 2021. Our expert medical device transport team offers thorough quality management to ensure product quality and safety even after the products are distributed in the market. In addition, their know-how is shared throughout the MOL Logistics Group, allowing us to offer the same high level of service quality on a global scale.

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