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MOL Logistics knows your belongings are more than just “stuff.”
They hold priceless memories, and we handle them with respect at every step of our fast, secure transport service.

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    MOL Logistics’ overseas removal service dates all the way back to providing baggage pickup for Japanese emigrants to Brazil. Since then, we have pioneered “overseas removal” with a track record of more than 90 years.

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    MOL Logistics helps minimize the burden on customers when an overseas assignment, return to Japan, or other overseas transfer requires them to pack up and move their entire households. Customers can depend on our overseas fulfillment network and high-quality services.

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    Count on us, not only for overseas assignments and returning to Japan, but also for self-storage and domestic removal services. We also offer removal services when your office is relocated.

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    MOL Group M.O. Tourist Co., Ltd., allows you to obtain work visas around the world, arrange travel tickets, and share information within the group. We provide wide-scale support aimed to reduce the workload and anxiety of personnel managers and traveling employees alike.


  • Removal for overseas assignment
  • Removal for returning to Japan
  • Overseas transfer
  • Domestic removal/
  • Acquisition of visas/
    booking airline tickets
  • Office relocation

Overseas Removal Global Networks

Our overseas subsidiaries and partner agencies are always ready to support you during transfers and household moving.

Customer Comments

  • VOICE 01

    “Thank you very much for your support right up until the last loading. It was so amazing to see all your staff working so promptly and professionally! I have a big family, and we needed many moving boxes. All in all, I am just full of gratitude for the kindness and care with which you handled everything. Thank you very much.”

  • VOICE 02

    “When I told my company’s Human Resources and General Affairs Division about the careful work of your local staff and the high quality of correspondence from your Japanese staff, they asked me to introduce the Overseas Removal Division of your company. Could you introduce me to someone from that division?”

  • VOICE 03

    “Thanks to all your staff for working so hard on these very detailed tasks and efficiently proceeding with all operations.”

Frequently Asked Questions / Useful Information

  • Q1“What’s the first thing I need to do when I receive an overseas assignment?”

    Contact us!
    We will propose and fine-tune a series of services, such as acquisition of the visa for required your destination, adjustment of its conditions, and booking airline tickets in cooperation with the MOL Group, along with overseas removal, domestic removal, and arrangement of self-storage.

  • Q2“How do you proceed with these arrangements?”

    First, we send an expert to your home for a preliminary inspection. You don’t have to pack or sort your belongings.
    We present our proposal for overseas removal, domestic removal, and self-storage based on the baggage volume determined by the staff, in line with your company’s transport limits.

  • Q3“Do I have to wait until I have decided where we are going to live?”

    You can send your belongings even if your new address is undetermined. All we need is the address and contact information for the company you are assigned to, and then our overseas office will make sure your belongings clear customs and are placed in secure storage until you have your new home.

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