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Transport of heavy-weight cargo using specialized vessels, transport of materials and equipment with containership/conventional vessel, support services such as packaging, installation, inland transport to harbor/port/customer site, air freight transport in case of emergency…we do all that and much more!
Project cargo transport requires strict time control and a host of carefully orchestrated, interrelated operations.

MOL Logistics brings a solid track record and extensive skills in the transport of various heavy-weight and project cargoes.
We can handle various projects from relocation of facilities to ground-up development of plants and infrastructure in emerging countries, working in close cooperation with MOL Group companies that bring specific expertise to the table.

Have you every faced logistics issues like the ones below?

  • Issue 1

    We want to transport large-size cargo that doesn’t fit in a container!

  • Issue 2

    We’re anxious because we’ve never used any vessels besides containerships. Can they meet our delivery schedule?

  • Issue 3

    We want to find a company that can handle everything! Not just shipping, but also related services like ocean/air forwarding, customs clearance, inland transport, and installation.

  • POINT01

    Project transport demands meticulous attention to the schedule, and our services include coordinating a broad range of associated operations.
    We create and refine our process control chart with extreme detail, holding in-depth meetings with the customer and paying special attention to local transport connections. We meet our customers’ most exacting demands by meeting delivery deadlines no matter what and addressing every detail, including delivery and installation planning.

  • POINT02

    Backed by the combined strength of the entire MOL Group, we offer one-stop services with any transport mode—from heavy-weight cargo transport with specialized vessels, containerships/conventional vessels, and RoRo ships/barges, to air freight transport in case of emergency.

  • POINT03

    Heavy-weight products have no substitutes. They must absolutely arrive on time and in perfect condition. Our careful, deliberate planning and verification process minimizes the risk of cargo damage.
    We can offer true one-stop shopping for every phase of the operation—from packaging through installation, cargo handling in port, and inland transport to site, along with air freight transport as an emergency backup—you can count on full support all along the way.

Case 01|Photos of just a few of our main projects

We transported a set of huge modules to their destination by barge!

Unusually shaped cargo seems more prone to incidents and issues, so advance preparation is everything.
The cargo is suspended from one point for loading onto a trailer.

“Ozukuri (thousand bloom)” style of chrysanthemums in full blossom drew cheers and cries of “Bravo!,” at the Palace of Versailles. And MOL Logistics brought it all the way from Tokyo!

Case 02|Transport a massive mold via sea and rail


  • A customer needed to transport molds weighing nearly 10 tons each from South Korea to Europe. They came to us after other companies said they could not handle this project.
  • We could not meet the delivery schedule using ocean transport alone, and airfreight was too costly. So the customer (cargo owner) was looking for a combination of sea and rail transport.

Key Points and Solutions

  • We needed a packaging method that would more evenly distribute the load of the cargo for railroad transport. In the end, we solved this issue by reducing the load by 1m² in each rail car.
  • Instead of transporting the cargo to the packaging plant, we went directly to the factory to package the cargo, thus shortening lead time.
  • We needed documents in Chinese for customs clearance procedures in China. We created and presented them on behalf of the customer (cargo owner), which does not have a Chinese subsidiary.
  • Railroad transport requires a strict balance of cargo in the container. We submitted detailed vanning and lashing process charts to the Chinese Ministry of Railways well in advance, and gained approval to load the cargo.
  • We expected delays in railroad transport due to a backlog of containers resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. So we responded quickly, switching to air service at the relay port.

Case 03|Transport of ship engine


  • Transport of a ship engine over 4m high and weighing over 30 tons.
  • The critical issue was inland transport to the site in the Philippines after ocean transport aboard conventional vessel.

Key Points and Solutions

  • Our expert staff visited the site in advance, developed measures to address transport-related concerns, and proposed a highly detailed transport plan.
  • In cooperation with MOL Group companies and our local subsidiaries, we achieved the intermodal transport from cargo collection using a coastal vessel to loading/unloading on a conventional freighter, and finally installation/assembly on site.

Case 04|Transport of helicopter


  • Transport of an irregularly shaped helicopter over 3m high.
  • This project demanded high-level technologies, such as lashing, prevention of scratches and vibration, and vanning in consideration of balance, not to mention discernment and judgement.

Key Points and Solutions

  • Specially trained staff addressed this project as a team.
  • We offered stable transport services of this high-value-added product, by alternating ocean and air transport as needed from pickup to delivery of the cargo, and consistently handling inland transport before and after the ocean and air legs of the journey.
  • We are the specialist in this field, with 30-plus years of experience in helicopter transport.
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