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2011.08.03Press Release

Changes in Organization Related to Ocean Freight Forwarding Service

August 3, 2011

TOKYO – MOL Logistics (Japan) Co., Ltd. (President: Toshifumi Kato) today announced its organizational change related to ocean freight forwarding service as of August 1.

Container cargo shipping in/outbound Japan (Tokyo/Yokohama area) conventionally has been handled by the Ocean Transport Dept. but MOL Logistics (Japan) has restructured to form two divisions: the Ocean Transport Administration Dept. and the Ocean Transport Sales Dept., to strengthen operations and customer services.

Strengthening ocean freight service that expects for future growth is an important part of our midterm management plan, VISION 2012. We continually further solidify the business base of the service and strive to provide high-quality services for increase in ocean cargo trades.


  • 1.  Three groups: the NVOCC Operations Group, the Export Sales Support Group, and the Import Sales Support Group were formed within the Ocean Transport Administration Dept.. The division will set global policies and consolidate operations for ocean shipping worldwide In addition to customer services and operations in the Tokyo/Yokohama area.
  • 2.  The Sales Group was established within the Ocean Transport Sales Dept.. Ocean freight sales operations in Tokyo/Yokohama area will be consolidated, and expertise staff with specialized knowledge provide a high-quality sales and service.

We will make maximum use of our expertise to meet various customer needs, expanding not only container cargo but also break bulk cargo such as plant export more than ever.

In 2010, MOL Logistics (Japan) assigned personnel in Thailand (Southeast Asia) and Shanghai (East Asia) to manage regional ocean cargo operations to expand the business in those regions. With the organizational changes, we will further strengthen ties within and across the regions and enhance the structure to expand offshore ocean cargo trades other than in/outbound Japan.

With this organizational change, the Moving and Courier Group was separated from the former Ocean Transport Dept. and become an independent organization.

(Before change) (After change)

Ocean Transport Dept.
Sales Promotion Group
Operation Group
Ocean Forwarding Center

Ocean Transport Administration Dept.
NVOCC Operation Group
Export Sales Support Group
Import Sales Support Group

Ocean Sales Support Group
Moving & Courier Group
Ocean Transport Sales Dept.
Sales Group
  Moving & Courier Group