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2014.03.14Press Release

MOL Logistics (Thailand) Upgrades Intra-ASEAN Cross-border Integrated Trucking Service

March 14, 2014

TOKYO-MOL Logistics (Japan) Co., Ltd. (President: Tetsuya Minato) today announced that its subsidiary in Thailand, MOL Logistics (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (MLG Thailand; Managing Director: Tatsuya Ueki) has upgraded its cross-border integrated trucking service centered on Thailand with convenient connections through ASEAN countries. Full-scale service began in early March.

Economic growth is expected to accelerate in Intra-Asia and ASEAN regions in advance of the inauguration of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) in 2015. In particular, manufacturers of components and parts have begun to rely on labor in surrounding nations. For example, many more companies will have their main plant in Thailand and branch plants in surrounding countries such as Myanmar, Cambodia, and Laos. This trend will increase demand for intra-region transport such as transporting components and parts between the main plant and branch facilities.

MLG Thailand already offered a range of spot cross-border integrated trucking services between Thailand, and Malaysia/Cambodia/Laos/Myanmar. But to meet the anticipated increase in demand, the company established the Cross Border & Contract Logistics Section in November 2013 to further expand and enhance its service menu, and began full-scale service earlier this month.

MLG Thailand's cross-border integrated service (truck)Photo: MLG Thailand’s cross-border integrated service (truck)

MLG Thailand takes a proactive stance in expanding operations not only in its main fields of air freight, container ocean freight, and logistics, but also integrated transport and installation services of dangerous cargo, lengthy cargo, and heavyweight cargo. In many cases, cross-border overland transport can be shorter, faster, less costly, and more efficient than door-to-door ocean freight, especially in the Intra-ASEAN region. The company has already received a wide variety of inquiries from customers mainly in apparel, machinery, and infrastructure-related materials fields.

MLG Thailand continues to improve service quality in the future to support customers’ supply chains.

*MLG Thailand Cross-border Integrated Trucking Service (example)
MLG Thailand Cross-border Integrated Trucking Service

*For inquires about rates and more details of services, please contact:
MOL Logistics (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Cross Border & Contract Logistics Section, Sales & Marketing Division
Tel: +66-2-131-0555
Rapeepong (Mr.)
Wakabayashi (Mr.)
Kawahara (Mr.)

*Reference MOL Logistics Group Business Expansion in ASEAN
Subsidiaries : Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, The Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, Cambodia (seven subsidiaries)
Agent : Myanmar (one agent)