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2017.08.04Press Release

MOL Logistics (Mexico) Opens Monterrey Logistics Center – Plans Major Expansion This Year –

August 04, 2017

TOKYO-MOL Logistics (Japan) Co., Ltd. (President: Tetsuya Minato) today announced that is subsidiary in Mexico, MOL Logistics (Mexico) de.C.V.) opened an own staff-operated logistics warehouse, Monterrey Logistics Center, in northern Mexico.

Opened in April, the raised-floor facility has a total floor space of 3,940m2 and introduces the Warehouse Management System (WMS). It stores bar-coded automotive parts and components, as well as raw materials, with in-and-out storage control by a staff totaling 17 (two Japanese and 15 local employees). MOL Logistics (Mexico) has decided to expand the area to 9,800m2 and hire additional staff to meet an anticipated increase in demand for warehousing and logistics services.

MOL Logistics (Mexico) was established in March 2004, since then has provided air, ocean, and land forwarding, distribution, support for installation and assembly of production facilities and auxiliary materials, overseas household moving, and a broad range of other logistics services. It owns and operates trailers in cooperation with the MOL Logistics U.S. subsidiary for cross-border transport between the U.S. and Mexico. It is backed by the MOL Logistics Group’s 20-plus years of successful operations in Mexico, the longest among Japanese forwarders.

The MOL Logistics Group continually enhances its logistics initiatives in Mexico, where demand is strong, particularly in the automotive industry, by combining various services to meet diverse customer needs.

[Outline of Facilities/Services]

Name MOL Logistics(Mexico) de.C.V., Monterrey Logistics Center
Total floor area 3,940m2 (planning to expand to 9,800m2 within 2017)
Main services Storing, warehouse in-and-out operation
Small-box inventory control, labeling, repacking of returnable boxes, inspection, just-in-time delivery, etc.
No. of warehouse staff 17 (two Japanese + 15 local employees) (*)
(Planning major staff expansion within 2017)
Start of operation April 2017

(*) The total number of employees in the Monterrey headquarters including the current warehousing staff is 31.

<Photo> MOL Logistics (Mexico) S.De.R.L. De.C.V., Monterrey Logistics Center

Warehouse exterior

Warehouse interior