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2017.09.28Press Release

MOL Logistics (Taiwan) Earns AEO Accreditation

September 28, 2017

TOKYO-MOL Logistics (Japan) Co., Ltd. (President: Tetsuya Minato) today announced that, effective September 1, its wholly owned subsidiary MOL Logistics (Taiwan) Co., Ltd. (MLG Taiwan) has been accredited as an AEO customs broker by the Taiwan Customs Office.

MLG Taiwan has earned two AEO accreditations, for freight forwarding and customs brokerage, based on the customs office’s evaluation of MLG Taiwan’s highly effective compliance and security systems in those two areas. AEO accreditation also allows for preferential treatment such as simplified customs clearance procedures.

On September 12, a ceremony to present the accreditation was held at the Taipei Customs Office in Taoyuan Airport, and Taipei Customs Office Director Arthur C.W. Yang, issued the certificate to MLG Taiwan Managing Director Hiroki Furusumi.

The MOL Logistics Group takes a comprehensive approach to security management, continually upgrading its system to comply with laws and regulations in the global logistics business, improving service quality, and striving to offer safe, reliable, high-quality logistics services in customer supply chains.


AEO certificate issued to MLG Taiwan
At the presentation ceremony:
Center right: Taipei Customs Office Director Arthur C.W. Yang; center left: MLG Taiwan Managing Director Hiroki Furusumi

[Reference] AEO-accredited MOL Logistics Group Companies

 Nation/Region  Company Name  Qualification  Month/Year Accredited
 Japan (*)  MOL Logistics (Japan) Co., Ltd.  Authorized Logistics Operator
 (AEO Logistics Operator)
 December 2009
 M.O. Air Logistics, Inc.  Authorized Warehouse Operator
 (AEO Warehouse Operator)
 October 2009
 M.O. Air Logistics, Inc.  Authorized Warehouse Operator
 (AEO Customs Broker)
 April 2015
 U.S.  MOL Logistics (U.S.A.) Inc.  C-TPAT (U.S. Customs Broker & Consolidator)  July 2006
 The Netherland (*)  MOL Logistics (Netherlands) B.V.  Full AEO (Freight Forwarder, Customs Broker, Warehouse Operator)  April 2008
 Thailand  MOL Logistics (Thailand) Co., Ltd.  Customs AEO  January 2014
 Hong Kong (*)  MOL Logistics (H.K.) Ltd.  Tier 2 Authorized Economic Operator  January 2015
 China  MOL Logistics (WBLZ) Co., Ltd.  AEO  July 2015
 Taiwan  MOL Logistics (Taiwan) Co., Ltd.  AEO (Freight Forwarder & Customs Broker)  September 2017

(*) Earned three AEO qualifications