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2018.11.05Press Release

MOL Logistics Opens Branch in Wroclaw, Poland

November 5, 2018

TOKYO-MOL Logistics (Japan) Co., Ltd. (President: Shuhei Togo) today announced that its regional headquarters, MOL Logistics Holding (Europe) B.V., has opened a branch office in Wroclaw, Poland, with the goal of enhancing its business structure and meeting diverse customer needs throughout the nation.

MOL Logistics has provided a range of logistics services to customers in Poland through its subsidiary in Germany, MOL Logistics (Deutschland) GmbH, for many years. The Poland Branch is positioned as a MOL Logistics site serving not only Poland but also the entire Eastern European region, providing logistics and related services to customers.

With GDP growth of 4.55% for 2017 and 5.0%(*) for the first quarter of 2018, Poland’s economy has expanded steadily, and the nation has raised its profile in the EU considerably since 1991, when it launched full-scale economic reforms. In addition, many foreign companies, mainly in automotive and electronics industries, are locating their European production centers in Europe. Export trade is also on the rise, namely procurement of raw materials and machinery for Japan, while Poland’s domestic market is positioned to expand, thanks to an Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) signed by the EU and Japan this summer. (* announced by JETRO)

Wroclaw is the fourth-largest city in Poland, and the second following Warsaw where Japanese companies have set up operations. What’s more, it is ideally positioned as a logistics hub, with expressways and rail lines passing through the city offering easy Intra Europe connection. MOL Logistics Holding (Europe)’s branch in Poland will utilize the group’s global-scale network, share business information, and offer high-quality logistics services that precisely meet customer needs.

MOL Logistics continually develops and expands its worldwide logistics network, and meets various logistics needs in close partnership with its customers.



Name MOL Logistics Holding (Europe) Sp. z o.o., Branch in Poland – Wroclaw Office
Address ul. Podwale 83/12, 50-414 Wrocław, Poland
Tel +48 512 402 318
Representative Branch Manager Maciej Banaszek
Opened November 1, 2018
Business Land, ocean, and air forwarding, customs clearance, warehouse, logistics, and other associated businesses