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2019.01.08Press Release

MOL Logistics Opens New Warehouse in Bajio Region of Mexico’s Central Highlands, Relocates Irapuato Branch

January 08, 2019

TOKYO-MOL Logistics (Japan) Co., Ltd. (President: Shuhei Togo; headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) today announced that on December 10, 2018, its subsidiary in Mexico, MOL Logistics (Mexico) de.C.V. opened the Irapuato Logistics Center, a new warehouse in the Bajio region of the nation’s Central Highlands, and at the same time, relocated the Irapuato Branch office to the warehouse.

The Bajio region is located to the north of Mexico City, and in the basin of Mexico’s Central Highlands, extending over six states including Aguascalientes, where Nissan Motor has set up operations and Guanajuato, home to Honda, Toyota, and Mazda plants. Fifty-five of the nation’s 260 major industrial parks are clustered in this region. More than half-630 (as of October 2017) of 1,182 Japanese automotive-related companies active in Mexico have their offices in the Bajio region, according to the Mexican Association of Industrial Parks (AMPIP) website. With all these movements, demand is high in this region for logistics services such as storage of raw materials and parts/components, and MOL Logistics anticipates vigorous demand for warehousing services in the future.

MOL Logistics (Mexico) previously used its partner’s warehouse in the region, but decided to operate its own warehouse to offer high value-added services in warehousing and associated air and ocean forwarding businesses.

The Irapuato Logistics Center is located in Castro del Rio industrial park along Irapuato’s main highway in the central part of the Bajio region. The new facility has a total floor area of about 2,200m2 and can store hazardous items (*1) as well as general cargoes, and allows for smoother adjustment of delivery day for moving package by using the warehouse (*2). MOL Logistics will offer optimal logistics services tailored to individual customer needs by developing synergy with the Monterey Logistics Center (10,000 m2), which opened in 2017. Through one contact desk, it can offer the optimal solutions and service using the warehousing location closest to the cargo’s final destination.
(*1. Confirmation by MSDS is indispensable in advance since service differs depending on the class of hazardous items.)
(*2. Covering the partner’s networks: Guadalajara/San Luis Potosi/Queretaro/Mexico city)

MOL Logistics (Mexico) was established in March 2004, since then has provided air, ocean, and land forwarding, distribution, support for installation and assembly of production facilities and auxiliary materials, overseas household moving, and a broad range of other logistics services. It owns and operates trailers in cooperation with the MOL Logistics U.S. subsidiary for cross-border transport between the U.S. and Mexico. It is backed by the MOL Logistics Group’s.

25-plus years of successful operations in Mexico, the longest among Japanese forwarders. It continually refines its approaches to logistics in Mexico where demand is rising, especially in the automotive industry, for a wide range of logistics services.


Outline of Facilities/Services

Name MOL Logistics(Mexico) de.C.V., Irapuato Logistics Center / Irapuato Branch
Address Av. Rio Mississippi 332 Module 2-5, Parque Tecnoindustrial Castro del Rio, Irapuato, GTO, Mexico C.P. 36810
Built 2018
Total floor area 2,228.84m2 (Warehouse: 2,127.44m2, Office building: 101.4m2)
Outline of warehouse Truck docks: 4 Loading docks with levelers
Forklift ramps: 4
Load weight: 3.5 tons/m2
Ceiling height: 6.23m (front), – 7.78m (back)
Start of operation December 10, 2018


MOL Logistics (Mexico) S.De.R.L. De.C.V., Irapuato Logistics Center

Exterior view

Interior view, and product control area