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2021.08.05Press Release

MOL Logistics Unveils Redesigned Corporate Website

August 05, 2021

TOKYO—MOL Logistics Co., Ltd. (MLG; President: Koichi Yashima) today announced the introduction of a redesigned corporate website aimed at making it easy for visitors to quickly find the information they need and gain a thorough understanding of MLG services. The redesigned site is at

Main points of the redesigned website are as follows:

1.Simple, easy-to-understand design

With the goal of providing a stress-free customer experience, the redesigned website makes it quick and easy for visitors to access the information they want, with a layout that works seamlessly, leading to a “Contact Us” form for detailed inquiries. It offers improved usability with site architecture that provides an in-depth look at MLG services and its group approaches and encourages visitors to see the big picture in addition to the specific information they are targeting.

2.Improved pages to introduce MLG services

Along with conventional “Service” pages that help customers and prospective customers get acquainted with the MLG service lineup, a newly added feature called “Search by Purpose” focuses on customers’ specific concerns. The new content introduces brief case studies to demonstrate how MLG helps customers find solutions to critical logistics problems.

3.Additional content showcases MLG’s characteristics and strengths

Another new section called “Features” highlights MLG’s characteristics and strengths, its dependability as a logistics partner, and its wide-ranging operations. It consists of three parts: “For First-time Customers,” “MOL Logistics’ Unique Capabilities,” and “Sustainability,” clearly conveying MLG’s commitment to reliability and transparency.

When they click on “For First-time Customers,” visitors can get a quick overview of MLG’s characteristics and strengths. “MOL Logistics’ Unique Capabilities” introduces MLG’s unique service menu, encompassing logistics expertise not covered on the service introduction pages, giving visitors an in-depth understanding of MLG. “Sustainability” content underscores MLG’s reliability, explaining its Corporate Principles, Quality Management Policy, and enhancements to Corporate Governance.

4.Responsive design for seamless, stress-free use

The redesigned website adopted responsive design to offer a seamless experience on all devices, from personal computers to smartphones and tablets, and ensure a stress-free user experience.

* * *

MOL Logistics will provide frequent, ongoing updates to help customers gain a more thorough knowledge of the MLG Group and its services. It looks forward to welcoming more visitors and creating new opportunities for logistics partnerships with potential customers around the world.


MOL Logistics Co., Ltd. corporate website main visual

The design concept:

MOL Logistics Group, as MOL Group’s core logisticis company, offers tailor-made services customers can depend on, and creates new value in logistics.