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2022.03.23Press Release

MOL Logistics Group to Start Operating Trucks Powered by Euglena’s Renewable Diesel Fuel

March 23, 2022

MOL Logistics Co., Ltd.
Euglena Co., Ltd.

TOKYO—MOL Logistics Co., Ltd. (MLG; President: Koichi Yashima) and Euglena Co., Ltd. (Euglena; President: Mitsuru Izumo; Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo) today announced that MLG is going to use Euglena’s renewable diesel fuel “SUSTEO” in trucks for pickup and delivery of import and export air and ocean cargoes, starting in April. The trucks are operated by an MOL Logistics Group company, Harmony Transport, Inc (HMT; President: Shigehiro Handa; Headquarters: Narita-shi, Chiba Prefecture) in Tokyo and six prefectures in Kanto region. This is a part of MLG’s initiatives on the environmental conservation to realize a low- and decarbonized society.

Euglena President Mitsuru Izumo (left) and MOL Logistics President Koichi Yashima


Euglena’s renewable diesel fuel will be used in trucks operated by MOL Logistics Group company Harmony Transport

 “As part of the MOL Group that focuses on low- and de-carbonization, we seek to offer services with a keen awareness of the need to reduce our environmental impact,” MLG stated its mission. In line with the MOL Group Environmental Policy Statement (Note 1) and Environmental Vision 2.1 (Note 2), MLG, as a multi-modal transport group that supports the worldwide economic infrastructure, is committed to protecting the health of our marine/global environment and this is a top priority in all phases of its business activities.

SUSTEO is a renewable diesel fuel, which uses mainly used cooking oil and microalgae Euglena. It can be used without changing the specifications of the engines currently installed on the vehicles. SUSTEO emits CO2 at the combustion stage, but both the Euglena and the plants that provide raw material for the cooking oil absorb CO2 by photosynthesis in the growth process, so it can help achieve a carbon neutral state—essentially net zero CO2 emissions at the time it is used.

The MOL Logistics Group, along with Euglena Co., will further promote eco-friendly green logistics and contribute to the sustainable growth of society by using SUSTEO on HMT-owned/operated trucks.

(Note 1) MOL Group Environmental Policy Statement

(Note 2) MOL Group Environmental Vision 2.1

<About Euglena Co., Ltd.>
Euglena Co. achieved the world’s first outdoor mass cultivation technology for the edible Euglena (microalgae Midorimushi) in 2005. The company not only develops and markets foods and cosmetic products that adopt microalgaes Euglena and Chlorella, but also produces and develops renewable fuel and offers genetic analysis service. In addition, it launched the “Euglena GENKI program” in 2014, delivering nutrient-rich Euglena cookies to children in Bangladesh, and expanded the program to include the group’s entire product lineup starting in April 2019. It was listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) Mothers Section in December 2012. In December 2014, it began trading on the First Section of the TSE. Euglena Co. develops its businesses under the philosophy of “Sustainability First.”

<About MOL Logistics Co., Ltd.>

As the MOL Group’s core logistics company, founded over 60 years ago, MLG offers not only air, sea, and land cargo transportation services, but also comprehensive logistics service menus that combine these individual services, as well as overseas household moving services. Our mission is to “sustain the lives of people around the world and ensure a prosperous future by developing comprehensive, high value-added total logistics services that can meet any customer’s requirements.” Under the unified brand of “MOL Logistics,” it has a global network with 135 directly operated sites in 26 countries and 188 agencies in 51 countries. Its strengths are broad networks and a wide-ranging service menu that can meet virtually any customer’s logistics needs with the MOL Group’s collective capabilities.

<About Harmony Transport, Inc.>

A shipping company engage in pickup and delivery of cargoes for the MOL Logistics Group in Japan. It selects the optimal transport means and allocates the optimal vehicle to meet cargo characteristics and quantity, and transports general goods, refrigerated goods, dangerous goods, and large-size precision machinery.